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PCS Q&A: Talking Fashion/Style With Catherine Pham

Catherine Pham is someone who is knowledgeable in the fashion and modeling fields. Her work caught my eye and caused me to believe she’d be another great fit for an interview here at Pop Culture Spin. Check out my back and forth with Catherine below – also be sure to take a look at her blog and follow her on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Catherine, thank you for spending this time with my website. To start our Q&A, has fashion always been something you’ve had a love for?
Catherine: Yes!! I’ve always been in love with fashion and the fact that everyone has their own unique style.

PCS: You blog about fashion as well. When did your writing interest in the subject first begin?
Catherine: I actually consider myself not that great of a writer, but I wanted to share my fashion style to others.

PCS: What’s the process like for you when putting an outfit together?
Catherine: I pull inspiration from everything I see, so before choosing my final choice of outfit I basically put on a mini fashion show in front of my closet to make sure I feel content with what I have on.

PCS: Are there any new trends emerging in the fashion world that you’ve had your eye on?
Catherine: Suede everything & body garters.

PCS: I’m a huge Oakland A’s fan, therefore, my favorite pic on your IG is the one of you rocking an A’s jacket hanging on the edge of your shoulder. Why was an A’s piece the ultimate clothing choice for this picture?
Catherine: To be honest, we (me and the photographer) just chose some pieces that we thought would look good on me.

PCS: Do you buy the majority of your clothes online or do you prefer hitting up a variety of places in person to find what you’re into?
Catherine: I do both!

PCS: What do you enjoy more – being on a photo shoot set having your picture taken or putting something personal together for your blog?
Catherine: I think I like being on a photo shoot set having my picture taken more because putting something personal together on my blog is actually nerve wracking since I freak out about the way my words come across.

PCS: If you had to describe your work and personality to someone you’ve never met/talked to, what would you say?
Catherine: I would like to say that I’m a quirky ball of fun!

PCS: Is there anything you have on the way in 2016 you’d like readers to look forward to?
Catherine: I’m definitely working harder to provide more interesting content.

PCS: Thank you again for the interview – your fashion topic knowledge has been welcomed and appreciated. In closing, where can those interested follow you online?
Catherine: IG: venustraphobic

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