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Model/Salon Owner Kelly B Joins Pop Culture Spin For Q&A

Kelly B’s line of work definitely gives her insights into the world of beauty. As a model and salon owner, she often spends her time looking great in front of the camera or making others looks great by virtue of her business. Kelly is the latest creative individual to join me for a Pop Culture Spin interview – read our back and forth below and check her out on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Kelly, thank you for joining my website on this interview. To begin, how did you make the jump from presumably being interested in doing modeling to actually building a career with it?
Kelly: More like “A Hobby”, I’ve been off and on the camera starting when I was very young. It wasn’t until Instagram that I had recently started having a more consistent interest in being behind the camera.

PCS: How would you assess your style and what you personally bring to a given photo shoot?
Kelly: Sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit because I’ve allowed myself to make these ridiculous agreements with people in the industry, people will try to label you “too urban, too edgy, not edgy enough”. Example I thought my look was too edgy for a beach shoot, until my most recent shoot with Joe Rivera @1305 (who killed this shoot, as usual). It came out amazing. But I do recognize my comfort with more street/edgy style.

PCS: So I see that you’re also a salon owner. How did this business come about and how do you manage being a model with being a business owner?
Kelly: The salon was literally a “why the fuck am I doing something for someone else when I could be doing this better” kind of idea. I sold my car, used all of my savings, and literally built all of the interior ourselves. Everything else with hard work just seemed to fall into place. I put modeling off for the first year of the salon to focus. Having something substantial that I love to rely on and having modeling as a hobby was the best thing I’ve done so far.

PCS: Has having a hairstylist profession always been a dreams of yours?
Kelly: Hairstyling came naturally. I had to fix my brothers hair when I was thirteen, next thing you know I was cutting the boys from the neighborhoods hair in my front yard for five dollars a head. Ha. I never thought I’d be where I’m at today. I guess that’s the beauty of it. Very grateful.

PCS: Is there a next step you’re looking to take with your business or are you feeling pretty satisfied with where it is for the time being?
Kelly: I’m satisfied with how much I’ve learned. But I’m always curious to see how much farther I can go. I have a few things in mind for the business. Just a matter of timing.

PCS: Would you say there’s any skills or points of reference that are beneficial to have in both modeling and salon work?
Kelly: Of course, they go hand and hand. I’m completely capable of doing my own hair and makeup, and I know what to expect lol. Believe me trusting someone with your hair and makeup can be terrifying.

PCS: You have some detailed ink on your right arm and elsewhere on your body – I always ask about tattoos when I see them on people out of interest/curiosity. What are the stories behind yours?
Kelly: We’d be here all day if I explained them. Some are just young shitty rebellious tattoos. And some are really sentimental. All of them remind me of some type of debauchery or healing points in my lifeline.

PCS: In this social media heavy age, what would you say are the biggest benefits Instagram and other social media avenues provide to models?
Kelly: Exposure and opportunity. We are all connected even more so now then ever. The real question is what’s the downfall? I’d say conformity. It’s difficult being authentic to yourself while still trying to grow.

PCS: On the opposite wavelength of my previous question, do you feel people having such instant access to the lives of others online also lends itself to some of the mean comments and overall hostility existent on the internet?
Kelly: You have to be prepared to face the good the bad and the ugly when you expose yourself to the world. Don’t make personal agreements with others. And remember “everything isn’t for everybody”

PCS: In terms of your non-work related life, what are your biggest hobbies/activities that make you happy?
Kelly: I love the outdoors and to learn. Take me to the beach, to the bookstore, a museum, I want to look at architecture, and the trees. I do like whiskey and music 😉

PCS: Do you have anything exciting in the works coming up in 2016 that you’d like to mention or should readers just stay tuned?
Kelly: There’s always something to look forward to!

PCS: Thank you again for your time on this interview, hopefully you’ve enjoyed chatting with me/Pop Culture Spin. Last thing – where can anyone interested follow you on social media?
Kelly:  Instagram and Twitter @k3llz_b Snapchat @kells_b

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