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Sabrina Corinne Talks Modeling, Future Ambitions, & More in PCS Interview

Sabrina Corinne is a model you don’t want to miss. Her photo shoots are typically ones that draw in the audience’s collective eye, and as you’ll see in this Pop Culture Spin interview, Sabrina is also much more than just a model. We tend to fixate on titles or assumptions rather than accepting people for who they are as a whole. For this aspect and many others, my Q&A with Sabrina is a wonderful read and was a great experience. Enjoy it below and be sure to follow her on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Sabrina, thank you for your time on this interview. For starters, when did modeling become a dream of yours?
Sabrina: I kind of unintentionally fell into modeling. I was working in the night club scene doing go-go dancing and bartending and I started getting Facebook messages from photographers wanting to shoot, so I thought “why not”, and I gave it a try and loved it.

PCS: Were other career paths ever considered in your life or did you always feel this area would be where you’d end up?
Sabrina: I am actually a senior in college studying law and politics. I will be (fingers crossed) heading to Law School in 2017 and hopefully practicing criminal law in the not so distant future. I think I have always wanted to be a lawyer since I was a little girl and coming from a family of politicians it kind of came naturally. While modeling isn’t my long term goal, it is my short term goal and I push myself to do and be my best and I hope that I am able to go as far as I can with it while I am young and pretty.

PCS: Where are you from and what was life like for you growing up?
Sabrina: I am from Augusta, Maine, way up in the Northeast by the ocean and Canada, eh. I grew up in a fairly untraditional home. I was raised by a single father, who had already raised 4 kids with his wife (who passed) and they were grown and out of the house. He was a hard ass to say the least. He was a prior marine, retired politician and union organizer and was raising a little girl by himself. I grew up with a foul mouth and a set of skills most people never learn and I am so grateful for that. I have the greatest memories from my childhood and some of the funniest stories are of my dad simply trying to figure out what to do with me- from his attempts to do my hair, to the teen girl issues that he handled through the bathroom door, as he yelled to “just read the damn box Sabrina”

PCS: Do you have any routines or superstitions to get ready for a photo shoot or is your preparation more spontaneous?
Sabrina: To this day, every time I shoot I still get nervous, even with photographers I shoot with on a regular basis, so for me I try to not overthink it.  The night before I get my bag of essentials packed and I always exfoliate and super moisturize and drink lots of water to keep my skin healthy and smooth.

PCS: What emotion or vibe are you shooting for people to feel when they look through your portfolio?
Sabrina: I have a very sexual vibe with my shoots. I enjoy more seductive and provocative themes. While some models show off brands and model clothing or what not. I like to focus on the art of the body, inviting the viewer into an intimate moment.

PCS: Are there any accomplishments you’ve had to this point in your career that you’re particularly proud of that stand out the most?
Sabrina: There isn’t one thing that stands out more than any other. Most recently I did do a shoot for Adam and Eve store, so you can now find me on their store displays. I was pretty excited to have my images hanging all over the store. However, I feel like I am just getting started and there will be a lot more to come.

PCS: What would you say are frequent misunderstandings or false impressions those unfamiliar with modeling have about those in your line of work?
Sabrina:  Well judging by my DM’s I would say that somewhere there is a misunderstanding that models want to be sent a ton of dick pics (lol). I do not, just to be clear. But really I think the biggest assumption made by people is that we are models all the time. People need to understand that modeling is our job, while it doesn’t have traditional office hours; it’s still just a job. We have other defining roles in our lives. Many of us are wives, moms, have other jobs and aspirations, and overall we are just regular people. When I am not shooting or at an event you can find me in yoga pants, no makeup and hair in a bun doing normal regular stuff.

PCS: I’m sure you’ve heard all sorts of things about your tattoos – I personally feel tattoos on someone where their artwork is regularly put on display is powerful. Overall, what’s the general response been from people about your ink?
Sabrina: I have heard negative and positive but mostly the general response has been positive. I am told quite often that my tattoos are what really makes me unique and goes with my look. I have also had people tell me that I would be so perfect, if I didn’t have my tattoos. However, I got my first tattoo 12 years ago and I can’t imagine myself without them. They are very much apart of my identity now as any other feature on my body. It took me a bit of time to find where I fit in with modeling with tattoos because I didn’t want to be stuck or labeled a “tattoo” model; I am much more than that.

PCS: Can you talk about the artistic work on your right arm and what inspired it?
Sabrina: My arm originally started as just the bird on the very top, which I got in 2006 when I joined the Air Force and flew away from home. Over the past 10 years I have added pieces, and continued down my arm. While it doesn’t all have an actual meaning, it does to me. It’s a collage of different parts of my life, from stupid decisions to the art I liked at that time. Fun fact: under the flower at my bicep is my ex-husbands name, I would of kept it but it was turning off boyfriends (lol).

PCS: Do you have anything on the horizon here in 2016 that you’d like to mention or would you prefer to just reveal that in time?
Sabrina: I can promise that you will want to continue to follow what I’m doing. I have lots in store and currently in the works. Plus while you’re waiting, I have a tendency to post some pretty risqué pics.

PCS: Thank you again for the interview, your time with my website is appreciated. In closing, where can readers connect with you online?
Sabrina:  Please follow me on Instagram/SabrinaCorinne and

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