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Aissata Diallo Joins PCS For Interview on Modeling, Her Background, & More

Aissata Diallo recently took out some time to join me/Pop Culture Spin for an interview. Our back and forth ranged from topics such as her background, social media presence, individuality as a model, and more. Read my Q&A with Aissata below and don’t forget to check her out on the various social media platforms that she uses.

Pop Culture Spin: Aissata, thank you for having this Q&A with my website. To begin, where are you currently based and originally from?
Aissata: I am based in NYC and originally from Guinea, West Africa.

PCS: Was modeling something that appealed to you from an early age or did it become an interest over a period of time?
Aissata: I wouldn’t say modeling necessarily but I always wanted to be in big screens and in front of the camera. My interest in modeling specifically started appealing to me when I was in college doing fashion shows. It was never a plan it just happened and I rode the wave.

PCS: Your handle on IG, Twitter, Periscope, and beyond is BlissfullQueen – definitely a memorable name. How did this title come to life?
Aissata: Thank you! Honestly, I just wanted something to describe me as a whole. To know me is to know I’m full of joy, always happy and always trying to make others around me happy. I like being the reason behind someone’s smile. That’s how I got blissful but as you can see I spelt it with 2 “L”s instead of 1 because I eat so much lol I’m always full so it’s a play on words. & well the Queen part because I know I’m a Queen.

PCS: I see that you’ve developed a nice IG following in particular even though you don’t post too often. How would you rate your experience as a model across the various social media platforms you use?
Aissata: I don’t post often because not only am I very picky but I also don’t like posting too many photos from the same shoot, on IG at least. Just a personal choice. What I do is post the photoset from the shoot on Tumblr and from there people reblog and repost them on IG and that’s how I gain my following. I’m very active on Twitter and Snapchat though. I always snap my BTS when I’m shooting and they get to see the real me which I think keeps my followers following me as I get complimented on my personality and how I am not just a “plastic model”

PCS: Take us deeper into your psyche when on the set of a photo shoot. What sort of ideas/feelings are running through your mind as you pose?
Aissata: When on set, I don’t think, I just do. I’m completely 100% myself. I will bust a move, I’ll sing along to the songs, I’ll do anything and just enjoy myself. I bring energy and confidence.

PCS: Is there a certain level of trust and understanding needed between a model and photographer to make the end product be powerful?
Aissata: Definitely! I believe that it’s more than just my looks that makes photographers want to work with me again and again. You need to establish that level of comfort and trust. Those two along with understanding is vital to a great shoot. “Teamwork makes the dream work”

PCS: What do you feel that you bring to this line of work that’s unique and special?
Aissata: I like to think I’m different. I look “different” than the average model we see on our TVs or on our posters. Also, I can pull off so many different looks to the point that sometimes people will ask if that’s me.

PCS: Is modeling your main long-term focus or are there other ambitions and goals career wise that you’re hoping to pursue?
Aissata: I would love to do modeling, or even acting, long term as a career but I know how the industry is so I feel like you always have to have a back up plan. I plan on going back to school for my masters so if all fails I’ll be working in the medical field.

PCS: So your followers can learn a bit more about you, how would you describe your personality and what are you most likely to be doing whenever you have free time?
Aissata: I am very social, jolly, full of energy, entertaining, adventurous, down to earth and sometimes impulsive lol. On my free time I would most likely be doing 2 things. Either I am in my room watching Netflix with a pie of pizza and some chicken wings all to myself; or, surrounded by the people that I love may that be friends or family, just having an amazing time full of laughter and love.

PCS: Would you like to mention anything on the way here in 2016 that you’re excited about?
Aissata: Yes I’m excited and looking forward to a few things but don’t want to talk about it until it happens. One thing I can say is that I will be starting a YouTube channel soon so be on the lookout!

PCS: Thank you again for the interview, hopefully you’ve enjoyed spending some time with Pop Culture Spin. Lastly, where can readers connect with you online?
Aissata: Thank you for having me! You can connect with me on all social media Twitter/ Instagram/ Tumblr/ Periscope: @blissfullqueen. I’m most active on my Snapchat which is : blacknkillingem.

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