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Jennifer Broders Talks Modeling, Uniqueness, & Acting in Pop Culture Spin Q&A

Jennifer Broders, as you can probably tell after looking at her, possesses unique qualities. The model and overall creative artist based in Los Angeles, California will be remembered in your head for one reason or another. The hair, the tattoos, the free spirit nature – whatever it is, I hope this Pop Culture Spin interview with Jennifer gives you the chance to learn more about her and why she’s unique.

Pop Culture Spin: Jennifer, thank you for having this Q&A with us at Pop Culture Spin. With you obviously being a unique soul, what would you say is the source of your individuality?
Jennifer: Oh man, that’s a toughie. I guess I just always grew up as the weird girl ahhahah. I liked to look different, and loved all the weird bands that no one at my school knew of. I definitely think the music scene I grew up in made me more unique and kind of ‘shaped’ me.

PCS: How would family and friends describe your personality?
Jennifer: They would definitely say that I am very different. I have days where I am bouncy, fun, crazy, and days where I am hiding in my apartment and not wanting to see a single human.

PCS: Your hair game is definitely on point with the distinctive blue. Was there any particular inspiration behind this look when you decided to go for it?
Jennifer: I have done so many different colors in my hair, but the blue I did a few years ago and decided to bring it back again recently. Everyone loves the blue, and I get so much work with my blue hair so I guess it can stay for a while.

PCS: On your website I see that you’re from Minnesota but now live in Los Angeles. What caused this move to come about and how has your experience in LA been?
Jennifer: I had always wanted to move to either NY or LA. I had finished college, and decided to get out of the cold weather. So I moved to California, and absolutely love it.

PCS: Do you feel that having a unique vibe has helped you make your mark in the modeling world?
Jennifer: Totally! I get booked for so many tv shows, commercials, and music videos for being so unique. Tattoos are becoming so popular these days, and colorful hair is just bam.

PCS: When on the set of a photo shoot, do you tend to be loose and free or are you more of the type who gets serious and focuses on every little detail?
Jennifer: It depends. Some days I’m into it, some days I’m not. It totally depends on the photographer/director’s vibe as well.

PCS: Have people ever written you off as too different because of your hair/tattoos or have you mostly managed to avoid haters of this nature?
Jennifer:  Uhhhhh, I guess I don’t really surround myself with people of this mindset. I have not had to deal with that (luckily). I may get mean remarks from time to time, but mostly everyone that approaches me loves my tattoos and hair.

PCS: Do you have any favorite pieces of ink or interesting stories about them?
Jennifer: I love all my tattoos. A lot of my tattoos bring back memories of when I got them, which sometimes I love more than the actual work.

PCS: As someone with a social media following, how would you assess the benefits internet platforms provide for those in creative fields like yourself?
Jennifer: Having a social media following is huge today if you are trying to make it in the acting or modeling world. I have gotten so many bookings through Instagram or directors/photographers seeing my pages and contacting me directly to work together.

PCS: What other pursuits are you involved with outside of modeling?
Jennifer: I have so many endeavors I am working on. I model as much as I can, but I have been working more as an actress lately. I also am trying to build my Youtube channel. I wish I had more time to create more content on there, but hopefully soon!

PCS: Is there anything upcoming here in 2016 that you would like your followers to know about?
Jennifer: Hmmmmm …. Tons ahahah! You just have to wait and see. Stalk me.

PCS: Thank you again for the interview, great to talk with a true individual. In closing, where can those interested connect with you online?
Jennifer: If you aren’t following me on IG – get to it @jenniferbroders. Also if you have a cute animal you can snapchat me.

Snapchat – jenniferbroders

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