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Maranda Penland Interview – Talking Background, Modeling, & Future


Image provided by Maranda Penland and photo credit to Ngueva Photography.

Maranda Penland is the latest individual to join me on behalf of Baller Mind Frame/Pop Culture Spin for an interview. The Texas based model discussed topics such as how she began her career in this line of work, the type of projects she enjoys, what’s to come in her future, and more. Read my Q&A with Maranda below and be sure to check her out after reading this article if you’re intrigued.

Pop Culture Spin: Maranda, I appreciate you joining my website for this Q&A. To get it going, how did you find your start as a model?
Maranda: My mom always pushed it when I was younger but I was such a tomboy and the thought of it was way too girly. But after I got older my style changed and I was approached by photographers through social media a lot.

PCS: Where are you based and how would you rate that place as a creative backdrop for your line of work?
Maranda: I live in SETX. In a small town about an hour and a half outside of Houston. As a model I feel that beautiful work can be shot anywhere. Although I find myself in Houston modeling a lot more than home.

PCS: Was this profession something you envisioned doing ever since you were little?
Maranda: Not at all! I was way too camera shy and wanted nothing to do with the spot light. I’ve grown out of that obviously.

PCS: Have family/friends always been supportive of your modeling pursuits, and also, who have been the biggest sources of inspiration in your life?
Maranda: My family and friends have always supported me. Finding a guy that is comfortable with it is a little more difficult but I overcame that.. Finally! Support is definitely a huge deal in the industry.

My biggest source of inspiration so far has honestly been myself. I’m constantly coming up with new concepts that I want to shoot and after finding the right photographer to shoot them with… Things work like magic.

PCS: If those closest to you were asked to describe your personality, what would they probably say?
Maranda: I’m going to go with unique. I’ve always been told I’m definitely one of a kind. You have to stay humble in this business and that’s not always easy with the constant flow of compliments but I’ve done it. Unique, humble, and very goofy/bubbly.

PCS: What sort of modeling projects do you most often spend your time with?
Maranda: I’ve tried a lot of different genres just to get my toes wet but I find that I enjoy shooting concepts that are real. Things I would wear and do on a daily basis. A very trendy, yet real approach.

PCS: Do you feel that you bring a few special/unique traits when stepping foot on set of a photo shoot?
Maranda: I’d like to think so! I bring as much fun to the shoot as possible for sure. That’s what it’s all about for me. A lot of fun and some really long legs!

PCS: Is confidence around the camera a natural gift or a quality that can be acquired through experience?
Maranda: I think it can be both depending on the person. For me it was definitely acquired more and more every time I got in front of the camera.

PCS: Whenever free time presents itself, do you have any major non-work related passions?
Maranda: Modeling is a non work related passion for me. I don’t look at it as a job even when I’m making money doing it. It’s a hobby above all else.

PCS: Does the remainder of 2016 have anything exciting in store for you?
Maranda: I think 2016 will be my most exciting year yet. It already has opened so many doors for me in so many different areas of my life. Modeling being one of the biggest.

PCS: Thank you once again for having this Q&A, hopefully you’ve had a pleasant experience. Before we conclude, can you please share where those interested can connect with you online?
Maranda: My Instagram! @marandapenland

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