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Lola Interview – Talking Modeling Strengths, Photo Shoot Vibes, & Personal Interests


Image provided by Lola and photo credit to Suicidal Shotz.

Lola, a Los Angeles based model with an enticing portfolio, is definitely a creative professional to keep your eye on. She was kind enough to take out some time to join me here with Baller Mind Frame/Pop Culture Spin for an interview. I encourage you to check out Lola on social media and enjoy the discussion she had with me below. Her strengths in front of the camera, photo shoot insights, and personal interests are a few of the multiple topics we touched on.

Pop Culture Spin: Lola, thank you for having this interview with my website. To begin our discussion, when did you realize modeling was the correct profession for you?
Lola: It all flourished from the beauty pageant I entered back in 2014 (Miss Peru LA) I won Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality. I figured I’d use that as a leverage to enter the modeling world.

PCS: Where did you grow up and who have been the most influential individuals throughout your life?
Lola: I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, CA. I have to say that my mother has been the biggest influence in my life. She always made sure that I had everything I wanted. However, she also made sure that I knew that I would have to work hard for it.

PCS: Were you always fascinated by the world of modeling and fashion even dating back to childhood?
Lola: Yes, I remember watching all the beauty pageants in my childhood. My mother said to me “someday, you’ll be there”. She told me that I always loved the camera even as a little girl. I would strike a pose anytime I was in front of it.

PCS: What sort of emotions/vibes are you attempting to capture in your photo shoot work?
Lola: It all depends on the shoot. For the most part, most of my shoots are seductive and carry a lot of emotion through my face and body.

PCS: Are there any necessary characteristics that are crucially important in being a strong model?
Lola: I would say, knowing the angles of our body. Once you can dominate that you’ll have an easier time creating a beautiful piece of art. Also, your facial expression. I sit in front of the mirror on a weekly basis to practice and see what I can come up with.

PCS: The thing I like about your portfolio, at least in terms of what I see on your IG page, is that you truly seem to pour yourself into every picture. Is this a dynamic you’re going for?
Lola: First, I want to say thank you. That really means a lot to me. I’m constantly thinking of ways to stand out and be unique to the world.

PCS: Long down the road, how do you want to be remembered when it comes to the work you’ve created?
Lola: I want to be able to look back at my work and say “Damn, I was one ballsy little woman” haha

PCS: What are your words for the followers out there who constantly support everything you do?
Lola: I’m very thankful for them. Because of them I have been able to expand and work with various photographers with a larger following. Not to mention, my followers honestly fuel me. They send beautiful messages telling me how much they love and appreciate my work. Through Snapchat they get to know my other side of me. The real, nerdy, goofy me. I interact as much as I can with them through there.

PCS: As someone who works in a field where beauty and style are major components, where do you believe we are as a society in relation to accepting others for who they are rather than just how they look?
Lola: I truly believe we’ve come a long way in judging or putting a label on people based on how they look/dress. Don’t get me wrong I know that there are still many people that still do that. However, if you take a quick look into the corporate world 10 years ago, there was no way a blue collared man or woman could have visible tattoos or piercings. Now, we have so many start up companies that hire men and women not based on how they look but what they can truly offer the company. I really hope that we can continue to grow this way in our society.

PCS: A few different questions wrapped in one so readers can learn more about your personality – what’s your favorite weekend activity, favorite type of weather, favorite meal, and favorite kind of music?
Lola: Weekend activity has to be dancing. I grew as a salsa dancer but I love all types of dancing. Everything from hip-hop, country line dancing, to salsa and bachata.

My favorite type of weather is SUMMER!!! I love the heat, I love the long summer nights. I love waking up and not fearing getting out of bed because of the cold. Summer’s where I feel the most alive.

My favorite meal/food is: Soup. I can eat soup morning, day and night. I love all types of soups, Peruvian being my favorite (I’m 100% Peruvian)

As for music, I honestly listen to such a large variety. It all depends on my mood. Growing up with a musician for a brother has expanded my mind with music. I play everything from Blues, jazz, classic rock, hip hop, salsa, bachata, classical, indie, Peruvian folklore, god the list goes on.. I even like country music. haha

PCS: Is there anything special on your agenda coming up throughout 2016 or would you prefer people just wait and see?
Lola: Yes, I’ll be working on two mini web series. Which will launch me into more acting. When it comes to modeling I hope I can make it into Playboy.

PCS: Thank you again for the interview. Last thing – do you have any closing thoughts and where can readers find you on social media?
Lola: Yes, readers can follow me on my daily adventures on Snapchat “tinydeadlylola”. I also just launched my website Not to mention most of my work on IG @tiny_but_deadly

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