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Julia Coldfront Talks Modeling, Tattoos, & Style

Julia Coldfront has both a name and look that sticks in your brain. The German model was kind enough to join me on behalf of Hardwood and Hollywood for an interview. The topics we discussed included her modeling background, detailed leg tattoos, style influences, and more. Read our Q&A below and be sure to check out Julia’s website/Instagram after you complete the article.

H&H: Julia, thank you for spending some time with us at Hardwood and Hollywood. To start, how long have you been modeling and what made you interested in this field?
Julia: Hello. I have been modeling since I was eighteen, this means I started six years ago. I was always interested in photography and I always took pictures of myself and uploaded them to the internet. Many people liked them and soon I got asked if I wanted to model for a photoshoot and that was how it all began.

H&H: Where are you from/based these days and do you ever envision yourself moving to a different area?
Julia: I am from Bavaria, Germany but now I live in Frankfurt which is in Hesse, Germany. Yes I would love to move away from here but first I have to earn a little bit more money haha.

H&H: Are there any dream scenario photographers you’ve already worked with or would like to in the future?
Julia: Well there are soooo many good photographers out here I would love to meet. There is one photographer in Germany, her name is Lina Tesch. She is awesome, I really like her photos and her style. Would be super cool to shoot with her someday.

H&H: You have outstanding style, something that your followers can see on your IG account. What sort of things have influenced your style choices?
Julia: Well I really like skater clothes and a bit of an edgy look but I also like very elegant dresses and high heels. I don’t really have a person who influenced me, I would just say the whole internet does.

H&H: As a shoe collector myself, I’ve noticed that you have quite the diverse selection of shoes in your rotation. What’s your favorite brand to wear on a regular basis?
Julia: I would always say Vans and Dr. Martens but at the moment I am really loving the sneakers of the brand Filling Pieces. They look great and they are very comfortable.

H&H: Your leg tattoos are fantastic… I love the artistry that they show. Can you talk about the inspiration behind them and what they mean to you?
Julia: They mean nothing to me. I just like how they look. I don’t think that every tattoo must have a meaning. There was no inspiration behind it. I just had things and animals in my mind which I wanted on my skin and so I went to the tattoo artist and got them.

H&H: In the past I’ve asked other models about the role of social media in their careers. What’s your experience been like interacting with or reading the comments of the followers on your accounts?
Julia: Well social media means a lot to me but I could live without it. It is super cool to see so many people supporting me. I don’t really have haters which is also great. I think this is because the people who are following me are between 25-35 and they are not childish anymore. If they don’t like anything they just keep it to themselves which is pretty nice.

H&H: What would you say is the biggest benefit social media can provide to someone in your profession?
Julia: Good question. I would say it is very easy to meet new photographers and new brands to collaborate with and you are also very close to your followers. In addition your pictures will be seen by many people if you have a public profile.

H&H: Random but fun question – where do you see yourself/what do you see yourself doing ten years from now?
Julia: I see myself in ten years in another country being lucky, healthy, married and with maybe a third cat haha and having a job that fulfills me.

H&H: Are there any exciting upcoming projects you have on the horizon here in 2017?
Julia: Yes of course. I have a huge project standing in front of the door but unfortunately it is all still top secret and I can’t talk about it.

H&H: I’d like to say thank you again for having this Q&A. My final question is where can fans follow and connect with you online?
Julia: Thanks for having me. They can just visit my Instagram @juliacoldfront or my website

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