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iZombie Season 3 Finale Review: 3.13: Looking for Mr. Good brain, Part 2

The iZombie season 3 finale wrapped up the season’s main plots nicely and set up some interesting things for next season. While it wasn’t as exciting as last season’s finale, it was definitely a solid episode full of memorable moments. For example, the choreographed zombie dance number set to “Dream Lover.” That demonstrated how fun this show is, even at its most packed with action and drama.

There were a couple of glaring things in this episode that bothered me. It seemed silly that all the characters were so trusting in a vaccine from a zombie mayor. I also felt distracted by small moments like Liv’s car somehow being parked outside Fillmore Graves when she needed it.

It also felt like the relationship between Liv Moore and Justin Bell wrapped up a bit too abruptly. They had a great bond. I have trouble believing Liv would be so unapologetic about cheating, even if she was on someone’s brains at the time. And I don’t think Justin’s feelings for Liv would flip so quickly that he’d send armed guards after her. But, the good in this episode definitely outweighed the bad.

In the past couple episodes, Chase Graves has really emerged as a great character. His sexiness and moral ambiguity are a winning combination. The thing I’m most excited for next season is seeing how he’ll play out as an antagonist or strained ally. Chase telling Liv Moore that he likes her tan-and-dye look, followed by her immediately going back to her classic zombie look was a standing ovation moment.

I’m less interested in the new status quo of Seattle being openly full of zombies. But, it does seem that at this point there was no more drama to be found from Liv’s isolation. The scene of Major Lilywhite holding a gun up uncertainly as humans charge at a group of zombies was certainly a powerful cliffhanger.

As always, it’s the smaller relationship moments that make iZombie great. Clive Babineaux and Dale Bozzio reuniting, only for her to be turned into a zombie, was great. Especially since Clive is now in a place where he’s able to be affectionate with a zombie.

But, unsurprisingly, the best scene in the episode was between Liv and Ravi Chakrabarti. In a show of great relationships, things always seem to come back to those two and how strong what they have is. Their “I love you” was an example of how the simplest moments can often be the most powerful.

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