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Sonny Talks Sports Podcast: NBA Draft Recap and Free Agency Chatter


On this episode of the Sonny Talks Sports Podcast, Paul Clark joins Sonny Giuliano to discuss all things happening in the NBA, including:

-Who were the biggest winners and losers of the NBA Draft?

-Did Atlanta make a huge mistake trading away Luka Doncic for Trae Young?

-Does Mo Bamba have more upside than DeAndre Ayton?

-Was it worth the risk for Denver to pick Michael Porter Jr.?

-What’s the latest scoop on LeBron James? Is it really a two-team race between the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers, or will LeBron seriously consider Philly or Houston too?

-Will the Lakers be able to trade for Kawhi Leonard or sign Paul George in order to further entice LeBron James?

-What kind of contract will DeMarcus Cousins get coming off a torn achilles?

All of this and much more on the latest episode of the Sonny Talks Sports Podcast!


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Sonny Giuliano

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I'm a wanna-be NBA historian, aspiring Bracketologist, and the greatest racket sport player you'll ever meet. I write and talk about the NBA, NFL, College Basketball and any relevant pop culture topics. My parents taught me never to talk to strangers, but if you ever want to engage in a friendly sports debate, you can follow or harass me on Twitter @SonnyCG.

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