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‘Spotlight’ Named Best Picture by Critics’ Choice Awards

spot-lightSpotlight took the title of Best Picture courtesy of the Critics’ Choice Awards. The movie is also eligible for the same honor for the upcoming Academy Awards. I reviewed Spotlight here for PCS back in November, and it was easy to be blown away and utterly impressed by the film. It follows the “Spotlight” team of Boston Globe reporters (played by Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo, and more) who uncovered the story of widespread sexual abuse going on and being buried by the Catholic Church.

To win this honor by the Critics’ Choice Awards, Spotlight beat out The Revenant, Room, The Martian, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and others. It remains to be seen if the Tom McCarthy directed movie, which earned an Oscar nomination for McCarthy’s camera work in addition to Ruffalo and McAdams being up in the Best Supporting Actor/Best Supporting Actress categories, respectively, can repeat its win on behalf of the Academy.

As voiced in a different article that highlighted the nominations received by Mad Max: Fury Road, I’m not always in agreement with the Academy. Mad Max and Spotlight were two of the definitive top films 2015 provided, meaning each deserves the recognition it’s receiving. The Critics’ Choice Awards naming Spotlight the greatest movie of the year is a positive sign for those looking for the correct award decisions to be made.

If you haven’t seen Spotlight, that’s a major miss. The commitment and dedication Keaton’s team showed is truly commendable. Despite resistance from many powerful people in Boston, the heroes of Spotlight remain focused on telling a story that’s equal parts tragic and disgusting. Put shortly, higher-ups within the Catholic Church allowed the sexual abuse of children to transpire as vicious predators were protected and moved around rather than criminally handled. Part of why the characters played by Ruffalo and company went to great lengths to uncover this story was because of its horrifying nature. The Catholic Church valued the well being of predators over the safety and protection of children.

For its acting and story, Spotlight has to be seen. I applaud the Critics’ Choice Awards for giving it a victory in the Best Picture category, and I hope the Academy follows in their footsteps.

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1 Comment

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