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Erin Nicole Henry Discusses Creativity, Artwork, & Modeling

Erin Nicole Henry is the type of individual who brings great meaning to the word “creative.” Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Erin catches the audience’s eye for a variety of reasons. Her dark features and alluring modeling work causes any project that she tackles to stand out, and she also creates artwork that’s nothing short of breathtaking. It’s always fascinating to talk with creative people about their inspirations and background. That and much more was discussed with Erin. Read our Q&A below and check her out on social media once you finish the article.

H&H: Erin, thank you for your time on this interview. To start, how would you describe what its like being a creative professional living in Atlanta?
Erin: Working in Atlanta definitely stays interesting! Theres so many compelling people to meet, collaborate with, and learn from. It’s a nice breath of fresh air for me. Most people like to go somewhere quiet to clear their mind, and I do as well, but I also grew up in a Marietta suburb so normal and quiet is what Im used to. Being in the city and surrounding myself with all the art, music, energy and people is what really refreshes and inspires me. Theres this great support system living in Atlanta as well. There are so many young artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs working hard to live their dream like I am, and Ive been fortunate enough to establish great connections with a lot of them. 

H&H: Please tell the readers a little bit about yourself to help frame who you are. Anything special youd like the people out there to know?
Erin: Im just a pretty normal girl who has grown up in a normal town with a pretty normal life. I like to make my time extraordinary by filling it with spectacular people and meaningful activities. My main goal with all the work that I do is to be honest. I dont ever want to censor my work with any kind of euphemism. That means its not always going to be typically pretty, but its unapologetic, and I think thats what is most important about art. 

H&H: Youre both a model and an artist – lets start with the modeling. What kind of projects have you primarily worked in in this field?
Erin: So far in my modeling career, I’ve been able to work on so many great projects. Being that Im freelancing, and not currently signed to an agency, I get to keep things more creative, diverse, and relaxed. In addition to shooting with bigger corporations like Coca-Cola, and high fashion brands like Kenzo and Gosha Rubchinskiy, I really enjoy being a part of smaller creative shoots where I have more room to incorporate myself and my own artistic vision into it. I feel its more of a collaboration between me and the photographer that way.

H&H: Was modeling a lifelong hope of yours or more so something you walked into randomly?
Erin: Modeling was actually not really an aspiration I had growing up at all (I remember now I never even got my senior pictures taken). It more so just found a way into my life. I really resisted it at first, because I just wanted to be focused on my art. Eventually though, more and more people started contacting me to model for them. People wanted to pay me for itand I realized that modeling is way more enjoyable than working at the mall for minimum wage, and it pays a lot better too. Plus, I really do enjoy it; its a great outlet for me. Ive grown to love getting out of the studio and working with other aspiring artists in the area. This industry is all about connections and modeling helps me get out and establish relationships with other artists. In addition, I can use that as a platform to share my art with the world, because that is my true passion. It allows me to work on my own schedule, and gives me more time to dedicate to my art than any other job would. So it just makes sense for me at the moment.

H&H: Be them friends, family members, or social media followers, what sort of a response have you received on your modeling work?
Erin: For the most part, everyone is so supportive and positive about the work I share. I get some really uplifting messages from friends and fans of my work. Its good affirmation that Im doing something positive for myself and others. I’m beyond thankful for all the people who have shown love. It really keeps me going.

H&H: Id like to transition into talking about you as an artist. Would you say youre naturally gifted in this area or have your talents been strengthened over years of practice?
Erin: I do remember my grandmother telling me that she noticed I had very strong hand eye coordination when using a pencil at a young age. She really nurtured that ability as well. Every time I visited my grandma I got to paint and do arts and crafts. But I absolutely believe everyone is born an artist; Im just one of the kids that never gave up on creating. Whether I am naturally gifted or not aside, I definitely think the difference in my art is shown from my intense passion and a consistent practice over many years.

H&H: Do you have a family of artists or was there anyone particular during childhood who guided you in this direction?
Erin: My personal love for art has always been nurtured throughout my childhood, but I really grew up as a musician actually. My dads side of the family are fantastic musicians, so I was always playing all kinds of instruments growing up. Music and art flow so well together; I could never deny how it has helped me developing as an artist. My family has always exposed me to this world of music and always given me their full support. So in that way, I feel like I could definitely say they guided me.

H&H: Could you name a few of the qualities that you find especially important when it comes to creating original pieces?
Erin: Being unique and dynamic is vital. Never create without honesty, never say that you cant do it. We are just a vessel translating our unique observations of our world, so I think its just overall really important to stay perceptive and keep our eyes open and up. 

H&H: Between modeling, making beautiful artwork, or anything else in your life, do you have a favorite passion or do you love all of your ambitions equally?
Erin: Art is definitely who I am, I will never stop being an artist. I really enjoy modeling, and it helps me express and support myself, but art is number one in my life. It is the only thing that has been consistent throughout my whole life.

H&H: Is there anything on the horizon during the short portion left here in 2016 that youd like to mention?
Erin: More art! Always more artIm in the beginnings of a really exciting collaboration with a few other artists, where were combining photography, my modeling, and art together. Im not going to give away too much now, but keep your eyes open for it!

H&H: Thank you once again for taking out some time to speak with me on behalf of my website. In closing, where can you and your art be found on social media?
Erin: Thank you for having me! My art Instagram is, there you can find all my latest works in progress 🙂

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