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Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Review: 8.15: Go Tina on the Mountain


This week’s Bob’s Burgers season 8 had a main plot that felt off. But, the subplot about Bob Belcher and Linda Belcher was fun. Plus, guest voice Nicole Byer!

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The episode saw the Belcher kids heading off to “Outdoor Education.” This already felt unbelievable. The kids are in three different grades. One of the special things about Bob’s Burgers is how spot on the plots about childhood are. But, a robust camping experience for the entire school felt ridiculous for an underfunded public school.

Tina Belcher dreamed about having the perfect outdoor education experience by hiking a mountain as a team and achieving a personal revelation. Oddly, she was able to achieve just that and was effectively a hero. Most Tina plots deliver a half-win or some sort of positive spin on a loss, which is what makes her so endearing. Seeing her demonstrate more skills than anyone else in her class and lead the team felt like a strange sort of empty wish fulfillment I would never expect from a Tina plot.

Nicole Byer’s character, a hermit who lived in the woods, was fun. But, she didn’t have much of an arc beyond the reveal that she had trouble living in the woods without stealing from the rangers’.

In the best part of the episode, Bob and Linda tried desperately to have fun while their kids were away. Teddy’s investment in their romance was especially enjoyable. Watching them continually fall asleep after eating a bunch of cheese together was adorable. It was also fun when they eventually let loose, putting on spray tans and getting tanked. Bob and Linda are both always delightful when they’re drunk. The parents scrambling to cover up the fact that they had a party before the kids get home was great.

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