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2013-14 NBA Season Preview: Top 10 Overrated Teams

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Training camp is here and with that, there’s a buzz in the air surrounding several teams. Some of it is deserved, but most of it is just noise. Baller Mind Frame is prepared to dissect and separate the truth from the hype. Let the excitement mount, but don’t let it blur your court vision.

10. Dallas Mavericks
First-last, but not first-least in the overrated department is the Dallas Mavericks. They snagged hot-footed sojourner Monta Ellis, and word on the streets is that he and Dirk Nowitzki are going to combine for a run in the West, but we all know Monta is selfish and he isn’t one to lead. The Mavs are in a place of supreme stagnation in the West. They certainly aren’t the worst team, but they are without a doubt not the best. The old guard is dying and Mark Cuban wanted to inject it with new life this offseason, but they did it with the wrong person. I smell a rebuilding coming on real soon.

9. Detroit Pistons
The Pistons did all they could this offseason. They will be better, indeed. However, Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith, two powerhouse first names in the East, who succumbed to free agency voodoo, and went to the Motor City, are destined to simply be forgotten in the long run of the season and playoffs. The East is a deeper beast than years past and they might squeeze into that seventh or eighth seed, but they will disappear like the auto industry. It is going to take more than an Obama bailout for them to move ahead.

8. New Orleans Pelicans
They did a great chop-shop job on draft night and they are stuck in the Southwest where they will be mediocre at best. Until their big man, Anthony Davis blossoms, the Pelicans will scarcely compete down the stretch. No matter how much they bleed this season, the Pelicans will be stuck behind their list of pseudo-stars.

7. New York Knicks
The Knicks are desperate. They have to continue to remain relevant so they can keep Carmelo Anthony past this season, but they are grabbing at crumbs. Aside from Ron Artest (I refuse to use his new name), who brings a little bit more defense, the Knicks are holding on, but for how long? Literally while writing this, the Knicks signed Cole Aldrich, the 11th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. He and Andrea Bargnani aren’t gonna bring much to the Big Apple. They need to make bigger moves than this if they want to keep Melo. And Iman Shumpert needs to shave that flat top and focus more on balling than rapping.

6. Los Angeles Lakers
Unless they win, the Lakers are always overrated. It comes from habit. Sure they have the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, but he can’t carry this team on his shoulders. He is doing a good job at lifting, but is Mike D’Antoni right for this team’s talents? This is a hot debate and it is going to get exciting this year, but barring a miracle, this team is not going to make it that far, despite what the loyal L.A. sports writers wish and conjure up.

5. Chicago Bulls
A healthy Derrick Rose and salary cap space and blossoming role players make Chicago a rumor mill’s dream. They seem to be on the cusp of greatness, but only time will tell if this team can make it to the next level. One thing is certain, nothing is guaranteed in this league, especially after your star player returns from a rather long rehabilitation. This is going to be a tough year for the Bulls.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder
This was a tough list because every team on here is good and each year there is a new crop of sure-fire winners. The Thunder have been on the edge of greatness every season, but it seemed like they took a step backwards last year, and they need to use this season to take a few steps in the right direction they were headed in. Their bench is seemingly getting weaker and weaker. They are a great team, but the West is deadly still. With the return of Russell Westbrook, they are going to be back in that elite category, but the team as a whole needs to get deeper and more competitive to get over the hump.

3. Los Angeles Clippers

Doc Rivers is a great coach, but he isn’t going to make this club much better. Sure they will win the battle of Los Angeles, but that isn’t much to brag about in the grand scheme of things. Let’s see if Doc can get Blake Griffin to play some defense and get wins instead of just lobs.

2. Brooklyn Nets
Old people, young people, Brook Lopez, etc. This team is the talk of the city, and the East, but it doesn’t have the stripes to get passed the Miami Heat (or the Indiana Pacers for that matter). Paul Pierce still has that drop-step and Kevin Garnett still has that loud mouth, but these inglorious bastards of the NBA, like everyone else, have to share only one basketball. Joe Johnson has proven he doesn’t care to share and Deron Williams is the king of overrated point guards. Sure he has survived by assist-to-turnover ratios, but he is all over the map. This team is deep, but it will also be all over the map.

1. Houston Rockets
If Dwight Howard can’t win with Kobe freakin’ Bryant there is no way he will win with these buggers. Sure James Harden is great and the line-up looks good, but everyone in the world said the same thing last year about the Lakers. This is a disaster waiting to happen, a rocket waiting to explode. Dwight will never win a championship.

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