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Fantasy Basketball: BMF 10-Team Mock Draft


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Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr.

BMF-Fantasy-Logo-1Some of the Baller Mind Frame staff got together and did a live online mock draft at the beginning of the month. The draft was for a 10-team fantasy basketball league, so it is a bit on the shallow side. The draft was for the purposes of simulating an actual league, using the rotisserie (Roto) format, and scored based on the statistical categories of points, rebounds, assists, steals, three-point shots made, steals, blocks, turnovers, field-goal percentage, and free-throw percentage. We held the draft over at ESPN.

Team Velasco is our Publisher’s team and Team Velasco II is his son’s, a basketball aficionado himself.

Round 1

(1) Team Lloyd – Kevin Durant SF
(2) Team Velasco – LeBron James SF
(3) Team Ong – Anthony Davis PF
(4) Team Macias – Stephen Curry PG
(5) Team Creasman – Carmelo Anthony SF
(6) Team Harrison – Chris Paul PG
(7) Team Sprowl – Russell Westbrook PG
(8) Team Kubitza – LaMarcus Aldridge PF
(9) Team Archer – John Wall PG
(10) Team Velasco II – Kevin Love PF

One major thing that jumped out at me in the first round was the lack of love for our friendly neighborhood bearded Houston Rocket, James Harden. Despite his lack of defense, I still consider him as a Top 5-6 caliber player. I can see the interest based on upside for guys like Aldridge and Wall, but I personally would have preferred Harden at those spots. It also looks like Kevin Love dropped several spots and Team Velasco II might be getting some pretty good value there.

*Given the news that Kevin Durant fractured his foot, he does lose appeal in Roto. He also should get bumped down the rankings for H2H.

Round 2

(11) Team Velasco II – James Harden SG
(12) Team Archer – DeMarcus Cousins C
(13) Team Kubitza – Blake Griffin PF
(14) Team Sprowl – Al Jefferson C
(15) Team Harrison – Serge Ibaka PF
(16) Team Creasman – Kyrie Irving PG
(17) Team Macias – Dirk Nowitzki PF
(18) Team Ong – Damian Lillard PG
(19) Team Velasco – Goran Dragic PG
(20) Team Lloyd – Kawhi Leonard SF

Finally, there goes Harden, to Team Velasco II no less. Serge Ibaka is fantastic, especially when it comes to the rotisserie format. I was a bit surprised that I didn’t see Chris Bosh selected in this round. Other than that, it’s “so far, so good” in Round 2.

Round 3

(21) Team Lloyd – Kyle Lowry PG
(22) Team Velasco – Monta Ellis SG
(23) Team Ong – Chris Bosh C
(24) Team Macias – Joakim Noah C
(25) Team Creasman – Dwight Howard C
(26) Team Harrison – Paul Millsap PF
(27) Team Sprowl – Kobe Bryant SG
(28) Team Kubitza – Nicolas Batum SF
(29) Team Archer – Bradley Beal SG
(30) Team Velasco II – Brook Lopez C

I was lucky to get Bosh in this round, He’s got good shooting percentages and will surely up those points and boards this season. With the Dwight Howard pick, Team Creasman is in for an uphill climb to make sure it kicks butt in the other categories, seeing that the team is likely coming in last in free-throw percentage. Given the recent news, that third-round Bradley Beal pick is making me cringe. It would not have been so bad if Beal was healthy, that said, Team Archer could have taken him a bit later. Both Kobe Bryant and Brook Lopez are both interesting risk-reward picks given their recent injury histories.

Round 4

(31) Team Velasco II – Eric Bledsoe PG
(32) Team Archer – Derrick Rose PG
(33) Team Kubitza – Rajon Rondo PG
(34) Team Sprowl – Rudy Gay SF
(35) Team Harrison – Marcin Gortat C
(36) Team Creasman – Klay Thompson SG
(37) Team Macias – Kevin Martin SG
(38) Team Ong – Mike Conley PG
(39) Team Velasco – Andre Drummond C
(40) Team Lloyd – Marc Gasol C

I was really torn up inside seeing Andre Drummond get snatched up immediately after my pick. He’s got some good upside this season, but I was too focused on securing a secondary PG for my team. Both Marcin Gortat and especially Kevin Martin raised my eyebrows as early picks at this stage in the draft.

Round 5

(41) Team Lloyd – Nikola Vucevic C
(42) Team Velasco – DeAndre Jordan C
(43) Team Ong – Chandler Parsons SF
(44) Team Macias – Al-Farouq Aminu SF
(45) Team Creasman – David Lee PF
(46) Team Harrison – Michael Carter-Williams PG
(47) Team Sprowl – Pau Gasol PF
(48) Team Kubitza – Tony Parker PG
(49) Team Archer – Zach Randolph PF
(50) Team Velasco II – DeMar DeRozan SG

I’m a huge Chandler Parsons fan in fantasy basketball and was stoked to get him with the 43rd pick of this draft. Whew! That Al-Farouq Aminu pick in this round definitely blindsided me. Team Macias belongs to our resident Mavs beat writer, so Aminu may hold some upside this season that’s not quite out there. Nonetheless, I’m still not convinced he’s a worthwhile grab this early. Both DeAndre Jordan and Pau Gasol (if he stays healthy), should provide good value at this stage of the draft. With five rounds of drafting under our belts, I’ve got to give up some props to Team Velasco for his already well-rounded core.

Round 6

(51) Team Velasco II – Josh Smith SF
(52) Team Archer – Deron Williams PG
(53) Team Kubitza – Al Horford C
(54) Team Sprowl – Kemba Walker PG
(55) Team Harrison – Larry Sanders C
(56) Team Creasman – Ty Lawson PG
(57) Team Macias – Isaiah Thomas PG
(58) Team Ong – Thaddeus Young SF
(59) Team Velasco – Ryan Anderson PF
(60) Team Lloyd – Victor Oladipo SG

This round looks like the spot where managers are placing their bets on some players who are returning from injuries in 2013-14. Guys like Deron Williams, Larry Sanders, Al Horford, and Ryan Anderson can provide solid numbers for their teams. The question now is, “Can they stay healthy to deliver those numbers?” Victor Oladipo is an interesting choice. Orlando will let him loose this season, but his field-goal percentage and high number of turnovers may come back to bite Team Lloyd in the behind with this pick.

Round 7

(61) Team Lloyd – Derrick Favors PF
(62) Team Velasco – Gordon Hayward SG
(63) Team Ong – Dwyane Wade SG
(64) Team Macias – Trevor Ariza SF
(65) Team Creasman – Kenneth Faried PF
(66) Team Harrison – Jose Calderon PG
(67) Team Sprowl – Lance Stephenson SG
(68) Team Kubitza – Arron Afflalo SG
(69) Team Archer – Luol Deng SF
(70) Team Velasco II – Tim Duncan PF

Here come the Jazz players! Both Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors are in for big leaps this 2014-15 season. I wanted Hayward and actually had him next up on my queue. While Dwyane Wade isn’t a sexy pick, I’d say his 60+ games played, given his per game averages, are worth a seventh-round pick. Well, that’s at least what I’m going to tell myself to sleep better (or at all) at night. Tim Duncan may not be a draft favorite in H2H due to those games Gregg Popovich makes him sit later in the season, Duncan still can rack up those points, rebounds, and blocks totals for a team.

Round 8

(71) Team Velasco II – Wesley Matthews SG
(72) Team Archer – David West PF
(73) Team Kubitza – Nikola Pekovic C
(74) Team Sprowl – Greg Monroe PF
(75) Team Harrison – DeMarre Carroll SF
(76) Team Creasman – Tyreke Evans SF
(77) Team Macias – Tony Allen SG
(78) Team Ong – Robin Lopez C
(79) Team Velasco – Brandon Jennings PG
(80) Team Lloyd – Jrue Holiday PG

Team Velasco II comes away with yet another underrated steal for this round in Wesley Matthews. Good job. David West is also a solid choice here given that he will be asked to step up his game this season. I’m not too keen on those DeMarre Carroll and Tony Allen selections. Given that Greg Monroe will be playing his heart out for a big pay day next season, he might just prove to be a pleasant surprise in 2014-15.

Round 9

(81) Team Lloyd – Markieff Morris PF
(82) Team Velasco – Jeff Green SF
(83) Team Ong – Kyle Korver SG
(84) Team Macias – Ray Allen SG
(85) Team Creasman – Nerlens Noel C
(86) Team Harrison – Josh McRoberts PF
(87) Team Sprowl – Jeff Teague PG
(88) Team Kubitza – Taj Gibson PF
(89) Team Archer – Jonas Valanciunas C
(90) Team Velasco II – Andrew Wiggins SG

Both Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver are steals at this stage of the draft, while Nerlens Noel’s still-uncharted upside this season makes him a potential value pick this late. This is the right spot for an Andrew Wiggins pick, but then “Wiggins over Jabari Parker?” It’s too early to grab Josh McRoberts despite the potential opportunity he now has as a member of the Miami Heat. The Ray Allen pick is just bad here, considering he himself has not decided whether he retire or not.

Round 10

(91) Team Velasco II – Roy Hibbert C
(92) Team Archer – Jared Sullinger PF
(93) Team Kubitza – Ricky Rubio PG
(94) Team Sprowl – Spencer Hawes C
(95) Team Harrison – Khris Middleton SF
(96) Team Creasman – Eric Gordon SG
(97) Team Macias – Jameer Nelson PG
(98) Team Ong – Terrence Jones PF
(99) Team Velasco – Jabari Parker SF
(100) Team Lloyd – Jimmy Butler SG.

I have no excuses. “The move” here was to go with the Milwaukee Bucks rook, Jabari Parker. Score another one for Team Velasco. I had a bad case of tunnel vision with my Terrence Jones pick. Both Roy Hibbert and Jimmy Butler, Ricky Rubio are pretty good value picks this late in the draft.

Round 11

(101) Team Lloyd – Trey Burke PG
(102) Team Velasco – Amir Johnson PF
(103) Team Ong – Joe Johnson SG
(104) Team Macias – Brandon Knight PG
(105) Team Creasman – Danilo Gallinari SF
(106) Team Harrison – Andre Iguodala SF
(107) Team Sprowl – Paul Pierce SF
(108) Team Kubitza – Corey Brewer SF
(109) Team Archer – Nene Hilario PF
(110) Team Velasco II – Jamal Crawford SG

From the preseason games so far, Danilo Gallinari looks like he’s healthy and deserves an upward bump in most draft boards. I’m lukewarm about he Nene and Corey Brewer picks, but like Jamal Crawford who has emerged into a solid (generally) under-the-radar kind of pick as of late. That said, we shouldn’t be surprised given how low Team Velasco II has set his radar to not allow anyone to slip by him.

Round 12

(111) Team Velasco II – Andrew Bogut C
(112) Team Archer – Wilson Chandler SF
(113) Team Kubitza – Danny Green SG
(114) Team Sprowl – J.R. Smith SG
(115) Team Harrison – Jodie Meeks SG
(116) Team Creasman – Tim Hardaway Jr. SG
(117) Team Macias – Tobias Harris PF
(118) Team Ong – George Hill PG
(119) Team Velasco – J.J. Redick SG
(120) Team Lloyd – Reggie Jackson PG

As you can see, it’s a regular occurrence in most drafts that teams start to look for extra three-point shooting towards the end of the draft. Both I and Team Lloyd were lucky to nab George Hill and Reggie Jackson respectively, as they both provide assists to go with their threes. The league is too shallow for a Tim Hardaway Jr. pick, but I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong about him this season.

Round 13

(121) Team Lloyd – Giannis Antetokounmpo SF
(122) Team Velasco – Tyson Chandler C
(123) Team Ong – Mario Chalmers PG
(124) Team Macias – Gerald Green SF
(125) Team Creasman – Timofey Mozgov C
(126) Team Harrison – Samuel Dalembert C
(127) Team Sprowl – Omer Asik C
(128) Team Kubitza – Shawn Marion SF
(129) Team Archer – J.J. Hickson PF
(130) Team Velasco II – Manu Ginobili SG

Ah, the “flier pick round,” at least for most drafts. My favorite? Well, I’ve got to go with the multi-category output potential of “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo. Love his upside! Omer Asik could be a sleeper right here. Shawn Marion is a poor flier, given the talent he’s playing alongside over at Cleveland.

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